Hosford Construction

As a Hosford company, Hosford Construction subscribes to all the vision and values of it’s parent. We believe that our customers are more than just cash revenues, we strive to work directly in cooperation with them, leading to a beneficial outcome for everyone.

Hosford Construction is headquartered in Buckley, WA and is heavily involved in the Plateau and the Northwest. We were born here, raised here, play here, and now we get to work here. The Northwest is our main focus and we currently have projects in both Washington and Idaho, but are expanding as opportunities arise.

Our Projects

We are currently involved in multiple projects from single family lots to commercial apartments, townhouses and businesses. As Hosford states, our goal is to “Improve the human condition”. This takes many forms, and when we start a project, we seek to discover how the community in which we are developing will improve as a result of our project. Do they need affordable housing? More local business? Multi-family units? These are the kind of questions we start with. Our goal is not just about profit, cause you can’t take your profits with you.

We specialize in walking through the development gauntlet with cities, counties, agencies, tribes and more. If you have property, and would like to talk to us about the possibilities, please contact us. 

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Hosford believes that all voices must be heard and considered to become true partners in responsible, earth-friendly progress. Questions or concerns? Leave us a message and we’ll be in touch!