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Our Team

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At Hosford, our team truly believes the basic function of humanity is to improve the human condition. It is with these values that we filter every act and decision through. Learn more about our team below.
Josh Hosford
Jim Lunde
Finance & Operations Manager

Jim and his wife Chris are currently living in Northern Idaho but have lived the majority of their lives in Western Washington. While their five children are spread around the Northwest, they spend as much time as they can with them, and their 11 grandchildren. Jim loves the outdoors including fishing and hunting. He and Chris also enjoy working on woodworking projects in their spare time.

He uses over 30 years of experience in the computer / IT industry to keep Hosford Construction as up to date as he can on systems and processes. With seven years’ experience as an Administrator of a church of over 1000 people, he understands operations and finance and puts that to use to help keep things humming. And he actually likes the people he works with if you can believe that?

Jim says that improving the human condition is taking into consideration ALL aspects of potential projects. How will it affect neighbors and the community? Are the benefits solely to make us money, or do we offer value for everyone? We attempt to create real relationships with the people we contract with, and we care about how they are affected and how they view us as partners. Our attempt should always be looking out for them as much as we are looking out for us.

Carolyn Robertson Harding
Project Development Manager

Carolyn and her husband Dave, feel blessed to call The PNW their home and are fortunate to have their children and grandchildren nearby. They enjoy traveling, gardening, fishing and most importantly spending time with family. One of their favorite things to do is visiting and staying near Mt. Rainier. 

Carolyn has spent the majority of her career working in the public sector, over ten of which were focused on policy and legislative issues at the local and state government level. Those skills and resources uniquely assist her on a daily basis to effectively manage the projects Hosford companies develop.

She states that Improving the human condition comes from the core of who she is. Her faith is the foundation of her journey. She says “I am proud to have the opportunity to work with communities to provide housing, services and recreation opportunities.

Sophia Bonilla
Community Outreach Coordinator

Sophia received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Western Washington University at the age of 20. She and her husband, Danny recently planted roots on the Plateau to be near their families.

Both Sophia and her husband enjoy card games, trying new recipes and making the most of sunny days (we don’t get a lot of those here). In their spare time they put their energy into remodeling the home they purchased.

As a Community Outreach Coordinator, Sophia appreciates the fact that this position allows her to connect, communicate and assist those in our community that may need some. In her opinion this is “Improving the Human Condition”. The Plateau is in her blood, and the fact she can be a liaison between Hosford Construction and the community means the world to her.